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The Difference A Butcher Makes

Have you ever wondered why meats taste different and are higher priced when they are cut and hand trimmed by a butcher? That’s quality! Don’t be fooled by quick and cheap holiday sales at the chain grocery store. The quality of sale items does not compare to Gaiss’ Markets.

At Gaiss’, we’re getting ready for Christmas and that means prime rib and filet. Our high quality, USDA Choice, Certified Angus Beef prime rib is priced at $18.99/lb and our high quality, USDA choice filet mignon is priced at $17.99/lb.

We know…that’s more than the chain grocery store sale and “high priced” for someone new to shopping at the butcher. But, let us introduce you to the best tasting beef you’ve ever had. Time after time our new customers return with rave reviews and become customers for life for the quality we provide.

Right now the chain grocery stores are advertising prime rib for less than $10 a pound, but have you compared the quality? Prime rib matching our quality is upwards of $25 per pound at the grocery store. So really, you are saving with Gaiss’!

Our prime rib is high quality Certified Angus Beef; the best labeling given to only exceptional beef. Our butchers put time into preparing your perfect, fresh cut holiday favorites just before pickup. Our prime rib is tender, juicy, and delicious when prepared the right way. For those looking for an easier cook and just as delicious cut, our prime rib is the way to go. Cooking tips for this Christmas and New Year’s Dinner are available on our blog!

Here’s why butcher beef is literally “a cut above the rest”

1) Freshness Guaranteed

Butcher beef comes straight from the farm with very minimal processing. We cut and hand trim our prime rib and filet mignon in store for every order. We don’t cut, package in plastic and put it on the shelf til it’s purchased. Your Christmas order is prepared just for you. High quality beef is fresh, and the fresher beef you have the better it cooks.

2) Quality Guaranteed

As with many things, there are different levels of beef. The USDA grades beef in 3 categories: Select, Choice and Prime. There is also a Certified Angus label, which our prime rib carries. The Certified Angus Beef branding is only given to meat of exceptional quality. And, going back to point 1-our beef comes in fresh, is hand trimmed for you, and is minimally processed.

3) Low Processing, No Coloring

Ever wonder why your grocery store beef is bright red even 5 days after you buy it? That’s because preservatives and colorings keep that steak nice and bright. Frequent shoppers of Gaiss’ and other butchers know that color doesn’t mean anything when it comes to high quality beef. We don’t use colorings or injected preservatives in our beef.

4) Meat is our Passion

Because we are so passionate about what we sell at Gaiss’ Market, we have an eye on every cut of meat that goes out of our doors. We have only one loyalty, and that’s to our customers. Chain grocery stores have to sell whatever stock comes in the location, no matter the quality. At Gaiss’ if we see a less-than-perfect cut of meat, we send it back.

5) Our Butchers Are Here To Help

If you want the best tasting beef, we’ll tell you how it’s done. You don’t have to come to the store during “butcher hours” or ring a bell and wait 20 minutes for someone to show up. We are here for you, our team is educated and our butchers work all day long. 6) Your Money Stays Local!

You’re not helping the execs of chain grocery stores buy a beach house…you’re keeping your money in Cape May County. You’re feeding our families and contributing to the many donations we make every year. You are helping grow our community And economy!

So there you have it! Our Christmas pre-orders are now open and we have limited stock that is selling quickly! You’ll want to order now before it’s too late!

Call us at 609-886-5121 today.


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