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“Certified”, “Angus”, “USDA” Grade Meat…

Gaiss’ Market only provides the highest quality, US raised meat for our customers. Our cuts have been described as, “USDA Grade Beef” or “Certified Angus NY Strip”, but what does that mean?

When meat is USDA grade, it means that the cut has been graded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as safe, high quality US meat. A “certified” cut means that it is Animal Welfare Certified by an accredited farm animal welfare body. They use a set of criteria of welfare for animals, meaning that you can trust the meat you are buying is verified and held to the highest standard. Angus beef comes from the Angus cattle, which creates a more tender, juicy, and flavorful meat compared to other breeds. Angus beef is known for its marbling, meaning the fat is evenly dispersed within the cut of beef.

What does all of this mean compared to the traditional grocery store?

The meat found in grocery stores is more likely to be mass-produced in a factory than a traditional farm. Mass production could lead to poor quality control and poor meat quality. They have less nutrients and are more likely to have antibiotics and growth hormones. Consumers may also be unaware about the length of time meat has been in the facility, the health and safety protocols, or even how long the meat has been for sale in the store!

Gaiss’ Market is located at 1215 Bayshore Road, Villas New Jersey. We are open everyday from 8AM-6PM. Take a look at our website to see all of our high quality, U.S. raised cuts and more!


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