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Better Feed, Better Turkey

If you've tried our Gaiss' Market turkey hoagie or sliced turkey deli meat, then you know you've tasted quality. Today we're going to showcase our supplier, Sensenig Turkey Farm, so you can learn how our turkey is processed from farm to table.

Sensenig is a Lancaster turkey farm. The farm makes the feed for the turkeys in their own feed mill. Sensenig works closely with animal nutritionists to plan a healthy diet that creates a better tasting turkey. The feed is an all vegetable diet with most of the produce coming from the fields at Sensening Farms. The farm is able to control the ingredients that go into the feed and ensures no sub-par ingredients are used.

People ask us all the time why our turkey tastes so good. When turkey is purchased from the grocery store, the goal is profit. When turkey is purchased from us, the goal is quality.

The mainstream name brand companies need to make the largest turkey they can for the cheapest price. There are endless articles online of the process of turkey farming from these companies, who have been critiqued by thousands of animal welfare advocates all over the country.

At Sensenig Farms, that's not the case.

The turkeys are raised on multiple farms in Lancaster County, PA from local eggs from hatcheries in neighboring states. The turkeys live in modern barns with high tech systems until 5 to 7 weeks old. From there, the turkeys roam in the fresh air, drink clean water, and eat the healthy feed. The care for turkeys at Sensenig Farms is most important, because it directly affects the taste of the turkey.

As you know, here at Gaiss' we have a very high standard for our products. That is why we chose Sensenig Farms as our supplier. This is as "old school" as you can get in a commercial, modern world. Once the turkey comes in, we get to roasting and slicing to get you the products you need. Our turkey hoagie is one of our most popular hoagies and we are the only kitchen in the area that is using this high quality meat.

So there you have it! Our quality starts at the farm and goes to your sure to order your Thanksgiving turkey from us this year as we are using Sensenig Farms!

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