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Thank you for shopping with us online. We hope to help all our customers, however our packages and supper boxes cannot have substitutions. If you would like changes, please contact us on our homepage for options. Thank you!

If you order any items with your Holiday pre-order (like fresh cut meat or gift cards), they will be available sooner. We will notify you when your order is ready for pick up or has shipped

Sausage Package

In stock
Product Details

Gaiss' Market Sausage Deal! Delivery or pickup

10 total pounds, one pack of each: Sweet Italian Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, Fresh Kielbasa, Knockwurst, Smoked Bacon Cheddar Sausage, Bratwurst, Cheddar Brat, Cajun Sausage, Pepper and Onion Sausage, The Griller.


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